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Brazilian Butt Lifting - BBL

Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is a buttock lifting and enhancement procedure without implants. This procedure is ideal for people who have suffered deformed buttocks because of excessive weight loss or trauma, or desire to continue with a more aesthetic curve in the appearance of their buttocks. In this surgery, fat cells are collected with vaser liposuction from the appropriate parts of the body and injected into the empty areas under the butt skin. This means that the deformed regions are filled with fat injection reformed. For fat injection, the patient must have an adequate amount of fat. If there are enough fat cells, BBL is possible. If there are not enough fat cells, other techniques such as implants or fillings should be considered.

After the BBL

A medical corset should be worn for up to 1 month after surgery. A dressing is performed on the 5th day after surgery. After this dressing, the patient can take a shower. The patient must rest for 10 days after the BBL operation. In this process, the patient should lie in the face-down position. After the first week, the patient can sit on soft surfaces for short periods. Swelling and bruising may be observed during a week after the operation, but then these swelling and bruising will go away. If swelling and bruising are existing after this period, the patient must immediately report this condition to his/her doctor. Approximately 35% of the injected fat has melted after the operation. It is possible to see the final results within 6 months.

Advantages of the BBL technique

It is possible to get rid of stubborn excess fat in the waist and abdomen areas. This provides to improve the body silhouette and allows to reform the waist and hip area. BBL has less complication risk than other butt enlargement methods because the patient's own fat cells are used in this operation. The body does not show to an allergic or any other unwanted reactions because any external substance enters the body. Also, the results are long-lasting. The procedure is performed with the help of injection cannula from micro holes. Therefore, no surgical incision is required, and it means there will not be any scars after the operation. Don’t forget to ask your doctor what procedure is better for you! The reason that there are different techniques is that there are different patients who have different needs. BBL technique may not be the best buttock enhancement technique for you. Doctors know the best for your health and beauty. Before making a decision, consult a doctor!