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FUE Hair Transplantation

FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the most popular technique in hair transplantation operations. With the FUE technique, hair follicles are taken individually under local anesthesia and placed in hairless areas. Natural hair output angle and direction is taken into consideration when applying. The hair follicles taken to be planted from the nape region must be adequately differentiable according to the length and direction of the follicles. It is critical that the hair follicles taken from this process are not damaged in any way. Today, the majority of hair transplantation operations are done by FUE technique.

FUE hair transplantation steps
  • The nape area is shaved. For the grafts to be collected, the length of the hair must be 0.3 mm.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the region where the follicles will be taken. During the operation, the patient is perfectly awake but doesn't feel anything.
  • Hair follicles are collected one by one from the donor area.
  • The front hairline is contoured.
  • Local anesthesia is applied to the area where hair transplantation will be performed. The patient is awake as it is during the collecting, but does not feel any pain.
  • In the number of grafts collected by taking into consideration the direction and position of the hair, incisions are made in the region where the hair follicles will be placed.
  • The follicles prepared for hair transplantation are placed in the incisions.

In hair transplantation operations, the number of follicles collected and planted can vary from patient to patients. It is also expected that the patient's health condition remains stable during the operation. Therefore, the duration of operation may vary, but FUE hair transplantation operations usually occur in the range of 5 to 10 hours. Please consult our physicians during the preliminary examination of the phases including technical details and the duration of the operation.

Before FUE hair transplantation

Before FUE hair transplantation, the patient needs to make some preparations as in every medical operation. It is not possible to enter the hair transplantation operation without completing the preparations correctly. The patients may have dangerous consequences for their health to disrupt any of these essential preparations.


the patient must enter a preliminary examination. In this examination, our doctors explain in detail how the patient should prepare before the operation. These preparations may vary depending on the patient's current health status, eating and drinking habits, medications used and many other factors.

Before 2 weeks

to avoid excessive bleeding during the operation and to hold the transplanted hair, the use of blood thinners has to be terminated under the control of the doctor.

Before 10 days

smoking and alcohol use have to be terminated.

Before 1 week

sporting activities must be ended. At the same time, the intake of supplements should be stopped if supplementation is used for sports.

Before 3 days

it is mandatory not to apply any cosmetic products to the hair and scalp.

Before the operation

hairs and scalp have to be washed.


Be sure to provide your physician with your current diseases, regular medications, and food supplements during the preliminary examination!

After FUE hair transplantation

After the operation

since local anesthesia and the effects of drugs applied during the operation can continue, the patient should not drive and should not do risky work requiring attention.

3 days after the operation

the hair has not be washed strictly, and any cosmetic material has not be used on hair or scalp.

Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are dangerous.

The patient must sleep without putting his head on the pillow. Patients are advised to sleep steeply by supporting their necks.

Sexual activities should be avoided.

1 week after

he operating area has not be touched in any way. During this period, the patient may face itching with an effect of healing, but the injured area must not be scratched.

2 week after

hair and scalp have not to be washed with domestic shampoo. In this process, hair is washed with medical lotions during the dates given by the doctor.

Sports activities and exercise should not be performed.

The scabs formed on the scalp must not be lifted. The scalp should be moisturized with the ointment given by the doctor.

3 weeks after

Direct sunlight and wind should be avoided.

During this period, the transplanted hair begins to shed. This is a typical situation. The hair follicles are under the skin. In the next process, hair follicles undergo a period of resting, and then the hair naturally begins to grow

1 month after

it is dangerous to go swimming in the sea or pool due to the possibility of infection.

After 3 months

healthy hair strands begin to grow.

After 8 months

the hair and scalp begin to become regular and healthy. It can be seen that the thin hair strands are thickening in this period.

After 1 year

80% of the transplanted hair has completed its development.

After 2 years

the hair becomes completely natural and healthy. All the effects of the surgery and if any scars heal.