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PRP Treatment

PRP treatment, which has been developed for a long time and is often preferred with its excellent results, helps to cell regeneration and rejuvenation, has instantly visible effects and does not cause a problem regarding external appearance. PRP can be applied to the skin and scalp.

What is PRP treatment?

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) treatment is a medical procedure that is applied in the form of injecting thrombocyte-enriched blood plasma into the patient. The process continues as a small amount of blood is taken from the patient's body, platelet-rich plasma in the blood is separated with a particular method, and finally, the modified blood is given back through injection to the body. In the PRP treatment, where a person's blood is used instead of medication, it is prevented from slowing cell regeneration, especially with environmental and genetic factors. PRP treatment, which is used for skin problems because of aging, scars, stretch marks, hair loss and orthopedic procedures, provides an entirely natural rejuvenation without giving any extraneous medication to the body. The PRP treatment has no side effects because the patient is not given anything else in his or her blood.

Benefits of PRP treatment

  • PRP treatment is 100% natural. Nothing enters to the patient's body other than his/her own blood. Pharmaceutical chemicals or acid is not used.
  • Thrombocyte allows blood to coagulation. So the thrombocyte is what causes the wounds to close and heal. PRP therapy takes advantage of this curative effect of thrombocyte. The platelet, which is usually 1/10 in the blood, is enriched and begins a shock recovery in the area where the treatment is performed. Platelet rate increases by 2 or 3 times. The skin refreshes, rejuvenates, the injuries in the cartilage and bones heal fast, hair loss decreases, and the hair grows thicker and stronger.
  • PRP has no side effects, even if the patient has chronic diseases such as diabetes or blood pressure. It can be applied to anyone.
  • Patients can join active life right after PRP treatment. There is no change in the appearance of the patient, and there is no harm in doing the daily work even if they are hard.
  • The healing, improving and rejuvenating effects can continue for many years.

After preliminary examination, your doctor determines how many sessions of PRP treatment you need. The number of sessions may differ from the patient to patient. With one session, the benefits of the application may not be adequately met. Besides, all these benefits of PRP treatment go for both hair and skin, but a short period of redness can be seen in the treatment applied to the skin. Please get detailed information from your doctor before taking PRP treatment!

PRP & Hair Transplant

PRP treatment applied during hair transplantation is to ensure the permanence of hair follicles after transplantation, to complete recovery in a shorter time and to rejuvenate and refresh the newly planted hair follicles. Unlike standard PRP treatment, the patient's scalp is not injected during hair transplantation. Grafts collected during hair transplantation are suspended in specially prepared solutions for some time before they are transplanted. Adding PRP into these solutions or washing the hair follicles directly with PRP will increase the survival time of hair follicles, accelerate healing of the wounds, and stimulate hair follicles to produce hair. For longer and lasting effects, hair can be further strengthened with the standard PRP treatment for several sessions after hair transplantation.